Credit Bureau Information Get Fast

Use your right to free credit bureau information now! Is there no way to get a free credit bureau self-assessment? In addition, the credit bureau can quickly check bank details or addresses for correctness through a plausibility check. Once a year, you need to obtain free information about your data from companies that have data about you. The credit bureau information gives you instant insight and can delete an unfounded negative entry if necessary.

Request information on the credit bureau

Request information on the credit bureau

A credit check differentiates you from other interested parties. Increase your possibilities by requesting information from the credit bureau and presenting it to the host. As a result, there is usually no possibility in practice of triggering a good impression with the provider or intermediary. You can prove with a credit bureau information that you have sufficient creditworthiness.

This results in self-confidence among potential tenants, because credit bureau information enjoys a high level of popularity. What is the credit bureau information? credit bureau collects information that tells us how creditworthy you are. These include, for example, information on mobile phone contracts, loans or purchase of bills. The credit bureau also keeps affidavits, dunning and bankruptcy proceedings.

Depending on the credit bureau information, various details are listed. The credit information is intended for forwarding to the landlord. It only contains the necessary information to ensure a trusting cooperation with the owner. If you request the credit bureau information before a visit, you can take it with you to the visit.

According to the 34 Federal Data Protection Act, every German has the right to apply for a free data overview page once a year at the credit bureau. This gives you a quick overview of what data the credit bureau has stored about you and if there are any negative inputs. Contact credit bureau if the error summary should contain incorrect troubleshooting information.

The data overview contains a lot of personal data that should not be disclosed to third parties. It is therefore not recommended for forwarding to the owner. At the credit bureau you will receive both the free data overview page and the fee-based credit reports. You request your credit report comfortably on the Internet. To get a free overview of the deposited data, please fill out the respective form and send it to the credit bureau.

So you can inform yourself at the credit bureau free of charge about your information.

So you can inform yourself at the credit bureau free of charge about your information.

According to the 34 Federal Data Protection Act, since 1 April consumers can request information from any credit bureau about the information they collect and their scoring values. Various credit agencies make the application form available on their website. Above all, the credit bureau as the largest and strongest of them makes it difficult for consumers to make their way there.

The users are redirected again and again to the information offers. In this way you get your free information: Instead of letting themselves be led by terms such as “credit information” or “credit bureau information online”, it is correct to click on the references to the “data overview according to § 34 Federal Data Protection Act” on the website. Click on the icon with the small German flag at the bottom of the page number.

Please fill out the first form page. As a rule, you only have to enter personal information. The “other information” is not required for the information. Activate “Order data overview after 34 BDSG” and “Current probability values” if you also want to get your current value.

Place the copies on the completed start page of the form. The second sheet of the form is for informational purposes only. Write the address of the credit bureau on an envelope, as well as your sender. The credit bureau should send you your information within six months. They receive information about where the information came from and to whom it was passed on.